In defence of breastfeeding in public

Obviously breastfeeding in public isn’t something that should ever need defending, but unfortunately, it is. Because people still think and say really stupid shit like this and things like this still keep happening.

I won’t use this blog to share other people’s content very often, but this really deserves it. A piece by Hollie McNish about why we should never be embarrassed to breastfeed in public:


2 thoughts on “In defence of breastfeeding in public

  1. It’s just tragic that in the 21st century, a suppposed enlightened, intelligent age, people are still frightened and intimidated by something labelled “the lactating menace”. On the one hand it’s funny, but on the other, it’s sadly reflective of just how much further we have to go to grow up as a civilisation.

  2. I breastfed five children. I’ve sat on toilet lids; and I applaud Holly McNish. Our “cultured” world is a hypocritical one, as “billboards covered in tits” are put on display for men’s sexual gratification, and yet a breastfeeding mother can be looked upon as though she’s engaging in something dirty. There are some in our world who need to reassess their thoughts. I, for one, will hail breastfeeding and the mother’s who choose to do it.

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