You can do better, Zara

Zara. I’m saying this as a friend. We’ve had a thing going for about 12 years now. Your coat game? Fierce. The fit of your jeans and trousers? Dreamy. Your prices? Sometimes I break out in a cold sweat of excitement because everything is so reasonable.

So, as a friend, I need to tell you that I’m not happy about this:1165558712_1_1_1

This is a nice baby sweater, right? Your baby would totally be the most stylish baby in this thing. The fairytale design is quirky. It’s not pink. There’s no glitter or mice drinking cups of tea or ballerinas or all the other stuff that people tend to put on every single item of baby-girl clothing. So what’s the problem?

The problem, is that the cartoon prince is ‘brave’ and the cartoon princess is ‘little’. I’m not a fan of the little-girls-as-princesses thing anyway, but I’ll put that aside because of the fairytale theme. But if clothes for girls must have princesses on, couldn’t they just, for once, be fucking brave? Or strong? Or anything but little or pretty or precious?

I’m saying this because I like you, Zara. Little princesses aren’t good enough.